No one likes reading big terms and conditions so we have summarised them here for you.

All we ask of those creating CareCalls is that they have made sure the contact details (especially phone numbers) are correct and that the person receiving the calls is happy to receive them.

CareCalls understands that you may be a public or private sector carer helping a client and just doing your job, so we have made sure that you have as little liability as possible.

CareCalls promises to provide excellent service and support in a friendly and swift manner.

CareCalls also provides troubleshooting services so any issues can be dealt with as quickly as possible, these include:

  • Clear methods of contact provided to all parties involved.

  • Phone and email support including out of hours and weekend availability.

  • Troubleshooting for issues with phone numbers or phones.

Please note: These terms and conditions only referrer to your responsibilities as a 'referrer'. If you wish to see the responsibilities if CareCalls in delivering the service please see the CareCalls SLA below.

Other terms and conditions:

That apply to those paying for the service.

That apply to the provider (CareCalls) delivering the service (SLA).

Express terms and conditions


  • Call service: Phone calls from the provider to the call receiver in order to deliver medication reminder, check in or personalised recorded messages.

  • Alert service: Optional phone calls, emails or sms messages from the provider to alert receivers in order to warn that the call receiver has not responded to the call service at any one time.

  • Provider: The company CareCalls LTD, responsible for providing the phone and alert services.

  • Call reciever: The person receiving the call service (this may also be the Referrer and/or Payee).

  • Referrers: The person who has given the necessary information to the provider in order for the provider to deliver the service to the call receiver (this may also be the Call receiver and/or Payee).

  • Payee: The person or company responsible for paying for the CareCalls (this may also be the Call receiver and/or Referrer).

  • Alert receiver(s): Any person(s) or Company(s) receiving the alert service.


Between the 'Provider' CareCalls LTD of 1-3 St John’s Court, Whiteladies Road, BS8 2QY, 0117 3357 999, and the 'Referrer'.

The provider agrees to the terms and conditions on the provider terms and conditions page. The referrer agrees to the terms and conditions below

This agreement is signified when either:

1) The referrer clicks the check box marked ‘I agree to CareCalls's terms of service’ at the foot of the summary page shown at the end of the call and alert service creation process.( The details of the call are displayed above this check box so that the referrer may verify their details.


2) The referrer clicks ‘I agree to CareCalls's terms of service, please activate the calls’ within the summary email sent following the call and alert service creation process (when that process has been conducted over the phone with a provider customer service representative).

Referrer terms and conditions

The referrer confirms the following

  1. That any stakeholders who's contact details are shared during the signup process:

    1. Consent to have their contact details shared with the provider.

    2. Consent to have their contact details shared with any of the other stakeholders directly associated with the end user.

    3. Consent to (if indicated) receive a weekly email report on call receiver's response to the calls.

    4. Consent to (if indicated) receive an alert each time a call is not responded to by the call receiver

    5. Consent to (if indicated) be contacted regarding the editing of calls or the recording of personalised messages.

  2. That they have provided correct contact details and call service attributes for the Call receiver.

  3. That they have provided correct contact details for all other stakeholders.

  4. That they have informed the Call receiver that they will be receiving the Call service.

  5. That the Call receiver wants to receive the Call service.

  6. That the content of any personalised messages, recorded or yet to be recorded, are agreeable to the Call receiver.

  7. That, in the future, they will inform the Provider of any required changes to the above details (1, 2 or 3) or will enable the Call receiver or responsible stakeholder to do so themselves.

  8. That this agreement applies to all referrals made by the referrer now and in the future.

  9. That only stakeholders who's contact details are shared during the sign up process will be able to request reports, request call details, edit calls, pause calls or cancel calls.

  10. That requests for changes listed in clause 9. can only be made when the stakeholder contacts us via a contact detail which is given during the signup process (if they contact us via another medium we are able to contact another stakeholder/contact details in order to verify permission).

For those receiving CareCalls as part of the Cambridgeshire county council assisted technology trial:

I understand that this service forms part of a short trial between 1 and 30 September 2018.

As part of this trial, I understand that the name and phone number of the service user will be shared alongside their use of the service with Cambridgeshire County Council. This will include:

  • The number of total reminders and their schedule

  • The number of reminders that are acknowledged and the number of reminders that aren’t acknowledged

  • The number of unacknowledged alerts that trigger an alert to a nominated contact. Whether these alerts were sent via phone, text or email.

I also agree that the service user and/or the nominated contact may be contacted by a council officer in one or more of the following ways:

  • Phone Call

  • In person visit

  • Video feedback