What are personalised messages?

When answering a CareCall, a call receiver can hear a personalised message. This is a message recorded especially for them and can be used to prompt precise actions. You can also set up messages to be delivered at different times, for example:

At 08:00 a call is received, when answered, they hear: "Hello dad, this is a reminder for you to take your morning blue pill from the tray”.

At 19:00 a call is received, when answered, they hear: "Hello dad, this is a reminder for you to take your evening red pill from the tray”.

How to set up a personalised message

Recordings are made AFTER the main details of the CareCall are collected (name, phone number, times etc - see here for more info). During the collection of these main details you will be asked which type of message you want the call receiver to hear, at this point simply indicate that they should hear a personalised message.

After the main details of the call are collected, if a personalised message was chosen, you will be given the following options:

  • Record the messages now.
  • Send recording instructions to someone else so that they can record the message/s.
  • Send yourself an email so you can record the message/s later.
  • Request that CareCalls team record the message/s for you.

As you can see, personalised messages can be recorded by yourself, someone else or by a member of CareCalls staff.

Recording the calls is much like setting up an answerphone message on a new phone. To record the messages you/they will need access to a landline or mobile phone (this does not need to be the phone that the CareCalls are going to be received on). You/they will be given simple and linear instructions after which you/they will receive a phone call from our personalised message recording system, during this phone call you/they will record the message.

If you/they have indicated that multiple messages are to be recorded then you/they will need to repeat certain steps for each message. This will be made clear during the recording process.

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